Aust internet slow and unreliable – Choice

Six in ten Australians have been plagued by internet drop-outs, connection issues and slow download speeds a new Choice survey has found.


“To make matters worse, some of the slowest providers also scored poorly when it comes to value for money and customer and technical support,” Alan Kirkland, Choice CEO said.

The consumer watchdog’s internet satisfaction survey drilled into Australia’s recent experience with ADSL, the National Broadband Network and Cable.

Of the NBN users who reported a problem, 76 per cent mentioned slow speeds or drop-outs.

That figure rose to above 80 per cent for those with ADSL, ADSL2 or 2+/Cable connections who listed problems.

Australia’s largest internet service provider, Telstra, ranked last for value for money. The company’s customer and technical support also scored below the average.

Dodo was another cellar dweller, with customers listing speed and customer support as the ISP’s weakest links.

iiNet, iPrimus, Optus and TPG performed above the average, but top honours go to Internode. It’s Choice survey score was 81 out of 100.

Telstra agrees Australians want value for money and a “great” internet experience.

“We will continue to invest more than any other Australian telco to provide the best network experience, offer plans with generous allowances that meet the changing ways people use their service,” a Telstra spokesman told AAP.

Choice wasn’t impressed with the survey findings, the consumer advocacy has now teamed up with Enex TestLab to monitor Australia’s broadband networks.

“With so many Australians experiencing issues with their internet service, we want to get to the bottom of speed issues to make sure people can expect to get what they pay for,” Mr Kirkland said.